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Challenge Electronics
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Design and Prototyping

Challenge Electronics has over 20 years experience in the design of electronic PCBs, sub-assemblies and finished products. We are happy to work from as little as a customer’s idea or from a fully documented specification.

The design disciplines that are encompassed include:

  • Analogue circuit design - including op-amps.
  • Microprocessor circuit design.
  • Embedded controller design.
  • Microprocessor programming.
  • CAD design of PCB layouts.
  • CAD schematics.
  • CAD wiring layouts.
  • EMC analysis and testing.
  • Mechanical design - including mechanisms, plastic mouldings and cases - all using CAD
  • Production paperwork and drawings packages to ISO9001 standard.
  • Test system design, including computer based automatic test procedures.
  • Visual Basic PC programming

Microprocessor programming is undertaken using machine code assembler and ‘C’ compiler. We have experience in Microchip PIC, National COP8, 8048/8051, ST, Freescale and many other microprocessors.

Prototypes can be made at different levels to suit our customer’s needs; Firstly ‘Vero’ board prototypes can be made for proof of concept, proof of circuits or to facilitate microprocessor program writing. Secondly prototype production PCBs can be made to do proof of design, EMC and environmental testing or facilitate customer trials. Lastly small volume manufacture of completed production designs can be undertaken for full customer evaluation. The route chosen is decided in consultation with the customer based on their particular objectives.

In addition to the above services we are happy to do pre-compliance analysis and testing plus organising and overseeing CE marking of products under the EMC and low-voltage directives.


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