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Challenge Electronics
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Manufacturing product line

Challenge Electronics has over 20 years experience in the manufacture of electronic PCBs, sub-assemblies and finished products. Our production methods encompass volumes of manufacture from short production runs up to large scale production runs of 10’s of thousands.

SMD assembly is routine and is done by two methods; the first method is to glue the SMD components to the PCB then to flow-solder them in conjunction with any conventional components, the second method is to screen print solder paste then reflow solder the components. The method employed will be chosen to suit the design requirements and our customer’s needs.

Conventional PCB assembly is undertaken and is complemented by flow-soldering.

Recently, to help our customers comply with the RoHS directive, new equipment has been purchased so that lead free flow-soldering and reflow soldering can be completed without difficulty. These processes are now fully implemented and perfected.

To complement PCB assembly Challenge Electronics performs testing - using standard test equipment or purpose built test jigs, cables and wiring loom production, complete product assembly, final testing, packaging and despatch.

Equipment list:

  • Mydata TP9 Ultra Fine Pitch SMD pick-and-place with vision correction system.
  • Mydata TP9 SMD pick-and-place system with glue station.
  • Solder paste screen print system.
  • QUAD ZCR lead free SMD reflow tunnel with profiling.
  • TWS1100 SMD reflow tunnel.
  • Contax ATF 13-25 lead free flow-solder system with spray fluxer.
  • ERSA ETS 250 solder machine with Blundell spray fluxer.
  • CAB Maestro 2M PCB panel separating machine.
  • Vision Engineering Mantis inspection station.

PG to add.. Challenge use state of the art modern electronic production equipment such as..
MYdata pick and place machine
Ersa Flow Solder
Quad reflow Oven
Contax flow solder machine

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