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Save Energy. Save Money
Intelligent Room Thermostat

  • Optimum Start Function      
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Save up to 30% off your heating bills by replacing your old thermostat
  • Up to 45% if you have no heating controls
  • Improved Comfort and Care
  • Night Setback maintains a background temperature on cold nights ideal when caring for small children, the sick and elderly
  • Environment Friendly
  • Reduces harmful CO2 emissions


*£250 can be saved every year by the average household with energy efficiency measures - up to 45% using efficient heating controls alone!
Households may be eligible for an energy efficiency grant of up to £2000 (* The Energy Savings Trust, a government backed initiative)

Optimaster is a low cost, intelligent room thermostat designed for accurate control of domestic heating systems.
Using microprocessor and sensor technology, Optimaster achieves advanced energy and cost savings that are simply not possible with ordinary thermostats.

Saving 1 :Optimum Start

With ordinary thermostats, you have to guess how long to allow for heating your property, but this varies greatly with the weather. It is common that systems reach temperature too early or too late - this results in energy waste, higher costs and loss of comfort.

Optimaster removes the guesswork - simply decide the temperature you want and exactly the time you want it, and Optimaster will do the rest. How ? The Optimaster sensor monitors room temperature and checks the microprocessor memory that stores specific data for your home and heating system. Because Optimaster knows how long it takes to heat your home and the current room temperature, it will activate the boiler for the minimum time necessary to achieve your desired room temperature at the right time.

Saving 2 : Accurate Temperature Control

Ordinary room thermostats are not intelligent and only turn the boiler off when the set temperature is reached. The hot radiators and pipes continue to give off heat causing a temperature overshoot. As the room then cools down, the thermostat is activated at the set temperature, but cooling continues until the radiators are warm again. These temperature swings lead to energy waste and loss of comfort.

With Optimaster, you do not need to set a higher temperature to compensate for these swings - the sensor and microprocessor control will intelligently activate the boiler to maintain stable and comfortable conditions.

Saving 3 : Heating Pinch

During the Optimum Start process, the Optimaster sensor detects if there is natural warming occurring. If so, this factor is incorporated into the microprocessor computation for optimum boiler firing - giving additional energy and cost savings.

Night Setback

The Night Setback feature provides night time protection where Optimaster will automatically maintain a background temperature of 6°C below the set temperature.
This stops your home becoming too cold during severe weather - particularly important when caring for small children, sick and elderly people.

Override Feature

This dual function button will switch off the Optimum Start feature, and provide a one hour heating boost facility.


Installation is simple. No modification to existing wiring or plumbing is usually required.

Wiring Diagram

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